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FCI has a proven track record in helping licensing individuals pass their HLLQP.

Our Course

The Harmonized Life License Qualification Program (HLLQP) is a modified carryover from the LLQP in which you will be prepared in the competencies regarding Life Insurance and other Insurance Products. As “Harmonized”, it standardized the competency requirements in all provinces and territories. You would have to take the certification exam and the provincial exam for the license. This course is divided into four modules:

Ever wondered what kinds of life insurance is there? Do you want to learn more on what are available? This module is an in-depth coverage of the need, the types, and mechanics of life insurance. You would also understand life insurance applications on personal and business situations, and what you can do with your life insurance policy on certain events.

Life Insurance

If you care about the implications your family or business would endure in the event of a disability, or want to better understand the group insurance program you have with your employer, this module takes care of the information revolving disability insurance, extended health insurance, as well as government programs that would assist you in the event of an accident or sickness.

Accident and Sickness

When is the best time to plant a tree? Growing money may sound complicated, but does not have to be! This module talks about the basics of investing, the types of investments insurance companies have, and as a bonus, you get to learn about Registered Retirement Savings Plans and its derivatives, and a lot more.

Segregated Funds and Annuities

Walk the talk, as the saying goes. This module discusses the rules and responsibilities of being a financial advisor, legal implications on clients’ and advisors’ actions, and details regarding the application and insurance contracts. You will get to know what it takes to be not just a financial advisor, but a Greatway Financial Advisor.

Ethics and Professional Practice

You may complete the course in 3-5 days, however you may attend as much as you can until you pass the exam.

Live Broadcasted Webinars are available if you cannot attend the in-class sessions. This system has proven track record in making students pass through concept-and-question techniques, coaching, and exam-taking tips.